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Engine oil

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I read that the recommended viscosity is 5W30 which is good up until 38 degrees celcius, over here in the summer it can get up to 50 degrees celcius so what do u recommend I do? is it bad to put a different viscosity such as 10W60... Moreover is it normal that i feel some heat from the dashboard when the A.C is off?? over here they usually use 10W60 for oil so what do u guys think?
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Other problem is I can't find any 5W30 at all here will it affect my engine?
Are there any Lexus dealers in your area or in any of the neighboring countries? I would check with their service department and see what they recommend in their cars.
Wow, 50° C is equal to 122° F. Pretty HOT:eek: Here in Arizona we can get up to 115° or even the extreme of 117°, which IMHO is really hot. I run 10W-30 in my vehicles because of the summer heat, and the fact that the winters are mild. We seldom get to freezing in winter. I would not use a 10W-60 in my car because that is pretty heavy. But as been suggested, check what your local service providers recommend.

Thank you guys... problem is we do have many lexus dealerships in the country but they are careless, believe it or not and anything you ask them they tell you it's ok its not a problem this is why im trying to gather some more valuable info from you guys who actually know about these things. Toyota lexus have really bad customer service despite them being the most sold cars (not only in the country) in the area!

Appreciate the comments
Can you call Lexus customer service? We have an 800 number in the States.

can you find a 0W40 ?
thats what I would use.....but like others mentioned- try contacting lexus and get something in writing
As mentioned, you can try to contact Lexus and see what they would recommend, however, because you Exported your vehicle from the US to another country, you did void your warranty. So, they can recommend an oil to you, but you will not get anything in writing, and your local dealers care, but having a model there that is not normally sold, they might have limited resources. I would think they would atleast try to find out for you, but I'm sure they figure it's too hard to find out.

Good Luck
I will do that.. Andy I wish that they really did care, it's not like in the states here as there's only one dealer and he has a monopoly... I also have an avalon a landcruiser and an LS430 (from the toyota family) where they have failed to show how much they care... don't get me wrong im a toyota lexus fanatic hence y i purchased the F... I wish toyota japan could do something about it or at least toyota middle east... If I want to service any imported car into the country (not through them), I have to pay at least 1500 USD to allow it to enter their service center which I am going to do (still have only 500 miles of the F) ...

Thank you all for the info and Andy I know for a fact that all the US Lexus dealers DO CARE
Lou, 50 celsius is definitely very hot but somedays we can still get a bit over that TOO imagine! I dunno how the poor cars can cope and this is y the majority of the ppl buy toyota lexus :D
I am running with 0w35 Amsoil. Awesome stuff.

can you find a 0W40 ?
thats what I would use.....but like others mentioned- try contacting lexus and get something in writing
By the way Andy I know I'm going off topic but I would like to ask you about the shark fin as mine was stolen while it was being shipped... would you be able to send me one to my address or to an aramex around you if you have the part? Its killing me without it!

Thanks in advance
Hey omarab12, I live in Kuwait and had my F for about 8 months with my third oil change already done. Lexus Kuwait uses 5w40 on all there cars here and they advised me to use the same and I did but opted with castrol edge instead of Lexus brand oil. I even took my car to the Bahrain international circuit for a two day track event, the experience was unimaginable! Going again this year, and had no problems with the oil whatso ever.
That's awesome man, i might take mine to "lusail" circuit in doha if you've heard about it... Are there many Fs in kuwait? I'm the only one in doha that has that car... Other than that where do u get all ur parts from and how many miles do you have on it?? Allah 7ayya
I was the first F in Kuwait, now there are 2 more.
Mine is SGM, the others are obsidien and a neiman marcus.
I order all my parts online. So far I ordered pads and rotors.
I see I see, do you service it in the Lexus dealership or not? what about air filters and oil filters? can we use other cars parts?? How many miles do u have on it if you don't mind me asking?
yes i service it in the lexus dealership. They used the lx 570 oil filter on my F. The air filter is just taken out and clean everytime i go to service the car, but i guess i would need to order a new one it the time comes.
Right know i think i have about 11K on my odo.
just be careful with 5W40.... some of the 5w40 is made for diesel engines and had different additives....
Thanks soo much guys for your contribution, this has made things much clearer
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