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Engine Oil Change Interval Calculators

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I read, with delight, the following website's evaluation of various oil change interval calculators:

Agreeing with the authors and using #5 (see comments at bottom of their page) I calculated the following intervals for my family's vehicles, all 2008 vintage:

Son's Mazdaspeed3 (manual): 7,800 miles (Pennzoil Ultra Euro 5W-40, TBN 10.4, 26mpg)
Wife's Honda Fit Sport (auto): 8,600 miles (Mobil 1 0W-30 AFE, TBN 9.1, 35mpg)
My Lexus IS-F: 14,700 miles (Mobil 1 0W-30 AFE, TBN 9.1, 22mpg)

If I were to switch to Pennzoil Ultra Euro 5W-40 the interval rises to >16,800 miles. Wow!
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CORRECT! It's the best insurace you will ever buy.
I agree. only thing it can hurt is your wallet.
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