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Electrical Issue

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I have a 2008 ISF with a very peculiar electrical issue. Virtually every morning when I start the car and the headlights come on, I pull out the garage and press the button on the mirror to close the garage and nothing happens until I turn off the lights. Sometimes later in the day this happens, sometimes not. I never have a problem opening the garage when I come home, it only happens when I pull out. Even then it doesn't happen every time.

Additionally, one to two times a week, when I go to my office and park underground, the car will not lock either on the door lock or the key fob until the lights go off. Invariably this happens when I have my hands full. I end up putting something down to open the door, turn off the lights and then I can lock the car. That is really annoying.

I have had the local dealer look at it several times and they cannot figure anything out. I suggested that maybe the battery was weak, but they tested it and said that is not the problem. I have spoken to Lexus customer service as well. They have no idea what the problem is. Both the dealer and Lexus have basically given up trying to find out the problem. I am curious if anyone else has experienced this issue or has an idea of what the problem might be.
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Kudos to my local service manager for finally figuring it out. As I mentioned, the issue only happened when the lights are on. The local service manager decided to run a test on the headlights and discovered they were emitting a strong radio frequency. They replaced my headlights and the issue is gone.
Radio frequency or infrared pulsing that in-consistent?

Glad they fixed it.
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