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that editor should fine another job. listen i had an imola yellow rs4 with 7k miles and traded it in for the isf. coming from someone who owned both cars i can tell u ,that the lexus rides better ,and is a faster car , and is nicer looking. though the audi handles like its on rails ,i got to give it that i took some crazy turns with that car and i felt very safe to the awd. i raced a new m3 about month ago. heres the deal this road had alot of corners and straight aways . i kept up with beemer and was on his ass to pass him ,but when i hit the turns i could not catch him. i think the lexus is a great balanced car , but hitting those turns fast ,the beemer kept goin , not much braking hard on his part.overall i love the lexus. and am happy with my purchase. as far as this guy regarding the f isnt much faster than a 335 ,go learn the real numbers and know what your talking about. as far as the gallardo not much faster than the audi, guys sounds like a real moron.go find another job.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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