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ECU relearning after tune up?

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I had fuel injection cleaning done on the weekend together with new air filter and oil change. The car feels much more responsive off the line but the strange thing I found is that before the tune up, the car seems to hold lower gear longer on the highway. When I step on the gas, the rpms jump up quickly and hits 3,600 rpm and I can hear the secondary intake open. Today when I step on the gas while going about 60mph on the highway, the car accelerates but seems to upshift and I cannot hit the 3,600 rpm like before. The air filter I took out was pretty dirty so could this sudden increase in airflow be affecting the ECU? Maybe the ECU needs to adapt to the change or should I have disconnected the battery to reset it. Anyone had the same experience?
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Reseting couldn't hurt. It will relearn in a few hundred miles.
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