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ECU programing

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Just wondering if anyone has heard about any ECU mods or reprograms. Even though the car is normally aspirated, if the computer was reprogramed to open up the second intake at a lower RPM would'nt that give us a bit more HP. Or atleast be able to have that amazing sound kick in a bit sooner.

Also on a side note as i work overseas is there any issues with leaving the car for a couple months not driven or should I have the wife take it out every once in a while.
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I've heard a few company's working on a program for the IS-F, but nothing confirmed yet.

As far as leaving the vehicle sit, it's not a bad idea to have the wife take it out once in a while. Remember, you will want to change the oil every 6 months OR 5k miles. If it sit's that long, the oil even not having miles on it, breaks down. The other I don't like is having the vehicle sit on the ground for a long time without moving. This CAN make a "flat" spot on the tires...

Just my 2 cents
Thank you for the info. I will go ahead and let her play with it as well LOL. Well off to the big sand box for me.
Champ what companies have you heard are working on the ECU? I'm wondering with an ecu/intake/exhaust combo what kind of gains would we get?
Toyota/Lexus ECM's are the most difficult to crack. Unless you're TRD, Tom's or Toyota Technical Center, good luck. Hennessey picked up the IS-F recently, but has is it currently for sale on ebay. Chances are his team couldn't figure out how to modify or crack the code of the ECM so they gave up. This goes for majority of Toyota, Lexus and Scions out there. The only thing you usually see is a piggy back computer which is not a soultion to a whole ECM re-mapping.
Ive heard Diablo and Superchips was working on something along with TRD....

I'm going to try to get us more info soon !!
I noticed SLR motorsports is claimin they have a Chip for the IS-F. I emailed them to get more info. Stay Tuned for more !!
Champ I shot them an email as well, The Lexus ecu is almost impossible to crack, I am skeptical about the product it could be a scam.
I agree with you. I asked them if they were interested in sending one so I can compare it, and they declined. They said I can buy it and I have a 60 day return policy... Not sure how tricking a computer on how much air the vehicle is getting is going to gain 50 horsepower....
Champ, I too, looked at their site and decided that it must be a rip off. Every one of their chips for various cars costs the same amount and there is no technical data. When looking for a chip for my wife's 2008 335i Convert., the prices start at $800 and go up from there. The details of the Procede V3 unit indicates that it is a plug in "intercept" chip instead of a "piggy back" chip. I would think that this would be a much better technical solution, but obviously costs considerably more than $69.

The plug and play PROcede V3 costs $1495. I wonder if Shiv Vishnu is working on a chip modification for the F? I am sure that there is a lot more that he can do with the 335i twin turbo boost than he can with the naturally aspirated F.
I noticed SLR motorsports is claimin they have a Chip for the IS-F. I emailed them to get more info. Stay Tuned for more !!
I take it you haven't been around the Toyota community very long. Everyone knows there's no such thing.

As I mentioned on my.IS and CL...

There's no such thing as a "chip" mod for any Lexus or Toyota in the world. There is no chip port in the ECM to add to it. It's a sealed unit.
I did a little more digging on this so-called chip. Did any of you guys notice the link at the bottom of their webpage?

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Flip, I seen that and at first thought nothing of it..
SLR Motorsports Chip

This is the email that I received from SLR Motorsports....

"Hello, We have many happy IS-F owners who have used our chip. With the SLR chip installed, you will not have any warranty issues. However, we recommend to each and every one of our customers, that they should remove the SLR chip prior to having your vehicle serviced. The Removal process takes less than 20 seconds to completely remove. Once your vehicle has been serviced you can then reinstall the SLR chip and it should take less than a minute altogether. Once the SLR chip has been removed, your vehicle instantly reverts to the old settings."

Does anybody know if this is true? For $70 I might try it out.....
The tune I am getting has dynoed 30 hp jump to the rear...
not bad for $400....I would think the IS-F will have a similar gain..
need to know asap

can any one tell me if the slr chip does really work before i go ahead and order it and explain what it does. i know what it does but how does it make it faster the car explain in detail please! Thanks
I contacted ECUTEK, leading ECU programmer for turbo cars, to inquire if they have or are doing something for the ISF. In short they do not have, I asked why and his reply is.....

It is simply that engines like the M3 or ISF will be mapped to absolute perfection for maximum power and therefore efficiency and we will not be able to map any significant improvements.

So we can spend one years work offering a mapping product for the ISF and then you map it and get a 2% power improvement. Will your customer pay 1000USD for this?

With turbo we can always improve because turbo cars are mapped to a specific power output (often dictated to by the Japanese government) and we can always improve this.

It is simply a question of the amount of improvement we can make for your customer dollars.

All the best


...therefore, I'd like to know if someone credible has come up with something. I trust ECUTEK because of our experience with them. If he's not doing it, I wonder if someone else will. If anything I'd be interested in trying a MOTEC.
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Try MHP, they have an ECU tune out for the F. I believe the price is 4k....I'm not sure the slight improvements are worth that much but to each his own.
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