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When you put a disc in with surround content on it, like the 3.1 DVD-A of Steely Dan's Gaucho, the 5.1 DVD-A of the Dead's American Beauty, or practically any movie DVD, are you supposed to set the "DSP" to "Surround" or not?
I'm worried the DSP setting is articificially created surround, meant for stereo sources like CDs, so that activating it tampers with the surround sound already on the discs.
On the other hand, if you turn the "Surround" mode off, maybe you're suppressing the surround tracks on the disk?
I did some listening test with Gaucho, and the background vocals were absent in one of the settings, so presumably that was not the setting to be using. I forget which setting it was. If anyone's interested, I'll find out and update this post. Which may answer my own question.
Until then I was wondering what you thought about the use of the surround sound function with surround-encoded sources. Any ideas?
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