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DVD while moving?

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Hi ,
from what i understand the dvd, some nav funtions and bluetooth functions stop working when u drive. is there any way around this. i found a dvd/nav override instruction on ebay. not sure if it works thou.

thx Mike
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man, this is really driving me crazy. I want to figure out if its GPS based or just a speed sensor input. I think its just an input, maybe the 350 guys have something to leverage? I thought Cath had this mod already?

Unlock Navigation and iPod Interface Update!

I got a business card for those of you in Southern California for a place called Bluetooth Valet. I got the card from someone at the Lexus service center. Called them up and they do an install to over-ride the system so you can use your phone and navigation while driving. They also have an upgrade to the ipod interface which allows you to view all your song folders etc. just as it would show up on your ipod screen. The price was $600 for the ipod upgrade and $300 for the unlocking of the system... however, if you do both the ipod and the unlock, they discount the ipod upgrade $300 so total cost is $600. You just have to make an appointment and they come out to wherever you are and do the install for you which is very cool. The number is (760) 670-5078 and the guys name is Gregg Gattuso. I didn't go ahead with the upgrades etc cause I thought it was a little pricey but, thought some of you may be interested.
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thanks, but i dont think they will go all the way to sweden though.
Some have done this already on the Club Lexus forums. Here is a link for an IS-F hack. This poster used the hacks posted for the IS x50's.
nav hack
speed sensor switch

Fig, it is a speed sensor cutoff.
theres a place also that you can get it done but they only do IS's right now and currently working on IS-F's and what not...but it looks legit and everything
thx everyone, seems to be some work involved. this might not be the first thing i do when i pick up my car on friday :) but thx again
I paid a team of 2 guys in the L.A. area to hack my IS-F's nav system to allow movies and dialing the cell via the nav screen while moving. They also did an excellent job hacking the nav system on my '06 IS 350. I believe they're called Bluetooth L.A. area.
Oh yes, I am reviving this thread... I got the same business card for Bluetooth Valet. Spoke to Greg, awesome guy. Before I go ahead with it, I wanted to know if any of you guys have done the Ipod interface through him and what it looks like, user friendliness, etc. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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