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DVD System for IS-F

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does anybody know how to bypass the is-f safety feature for watching dvd and driving at the same time? I notice that there is a circuit connect to the E-brake system. has anybody looked into bypassing this feature also? thanx
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I used an aftermarket firm recommended to me by my local Lexus dealer to do this and they did a fantastic job. Email me at [email protected] for more info.

I can dial tel. numbers while moving, watch DVDs while moving and best of all, the installers transferred all my Outlook contacts into the IS-F's phone book via Bluetooth transfer.

Another great point is that the hack is reversible if you decide to sell the car, as I learned when I reversed the hack on my '06 IS350's system to sell it to buy the IS-F recently.

Hope this helps.
Does anybody know what i should do? My nav system touch screen has stopped working. The display is fine but when i touch the screen nothing happens.
Just go to your dealer and have them replace it under warranty...
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Sorry to hear about your nav system. I would take it to a Lexus dealership and have them take a look at it. Someone on this forum had something mess up with their system and got it replaced under warrenty.
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