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DVD Playback volume

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I have a question about the DVD playback. It seems like the volume is much lower during DVD playback than it is when I am playing the radio or my iPod thorough the aux port. Is there any workaround for this or is it just me :).

I am installing my DVD/NAV bypass tomorrow but I am assuming that this will not make a difference to the playback volume.

(Had originally posted this in the Newbie forum but figured it would get more visibility here)

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Hi Mike,

Yeah the DVD audio volume is where it's at. Have you tried adjusting your sound settings? Or even check to see if you're on surround mode or not?
Thanks for the reply Flipside. I tried in both surround and normal mode. I just discovered that it has something to do with the actual DVD's themselves. I have some older music DVD's that seem to play very low in the car but the newer ones have a much louder volume. Must have something to do with how they are mastered. Anyhow, I now have the VAIS Tech MultimediaLinq installed along with the Prestigious Society DVD/Nav bypass unit and I'm a very happy camper :).

Thanks for all the info guys.

Hey Mike, off topic but did you install the bypass unit yourself? Or a shop? Also, how much did the unit go for? You can PM me if need be. Thank you!!
I installed the bypass unit myself. The only tricky part is removing the air vents above the touch screen. The unit is pretty much plug and play and best of all, no wire cutting. Install took about 30 minutes.

Prestigious Society has the unit currently selling for $330 including shipping.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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