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dust on obsidian F?

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Ok when I wash my car it seems as if it will stay clean for a day, if even that. It's really getting on my nerves. After two days I always have a layer of dust resting on top of it. So I want to know if this happens to all of you guys or am I doing something wrong here? This occurs after waxing too, so I am kind of confused. Any way to prevent it. Sorry I'm a noob to car maintenance, so any tips are appreciated.

P.S. I do park it outside, since I live in a condo(no garage).
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Honestly, because you park outside there is not really a lot you can do to prevent the dust buildup, it's going to happen. If you really wanted to, you could wipe it down while you let the car warm up in the mornings by taking a dry microfiber and gently wiping the body off.
I have an obsidian car too and I park it in my garage. Even so, I still get dust on it. That's just how it is with black cars - you can see the dust settle right away after washing them. Like what Reciprocal said, just get a duster.
one of the down sides of owning a black car!!! I would also suggest getting a California Duster which I personally carry in my trunk at all times!! A good detail spray afterwards is also a must i.e Zaino or Meguiars and then wipe with a good microfiber towel. The sprays also typically have an anti-static additive that will help to resist some of the dust build up. Hope this helps!
the ultrasonic blue is juust as bad as black.i have the same problem i carry the california duster which helps a great deal . i should have went with the starfire pearl. white always looks good. even in the rain white shows a clean color. ohh well next time.
how does this California duster actually work? You just wipe off all the dust with it. Wont it cause scratches?
^it is for light dusting only. it will not cause scratches if used properly. do not use on bird crap, mud, etc. :)
Do people really have time to use the California duster every day?

I just switched from an above-ground garage to a below-ground, so I am hoping that helps to avoid the dust build-up.

I have a California Duster but seldom use it, since I do not really have time to use it every day. The problem is if stuff builds up too much, it is worthless.

I don't warm up my car before I drive it to work. Do people really have time to do this on a daily basis? It is already hard enough to find time to eat breakfast and work out, this would require me to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier every day and I already get up at 4:30 am.
I have the same problem with my Obsidian black. What I have done is give it a good wash and put a nice coat of wax on it and just use the Cali Duster on in every once in a while but there is no way to keep the dust off the car unless someone invents a bubble for the car :D
Dust is inevitable on everything. We can only stop dusting when we don't shed dead skin anymore.
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