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Driving the LFA

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Hi all,
I attended a Lexus event in Fontana this past Friday. I got to drive the LFA three laps on a road course, as well as the IS-F. I also got a ride along with Scott Pruett as he drove the IS-F. I rode along in the LFA with another Lexus professional driver (Stu), but didn't get a video of that. I uploaded some videos of the event to you Tube.

Gotta get me an LFA... WOW. An absolute screamer, and easy to drive. SOOO impressive in person and behind the wheel!

This goofy site won't let me post the video links because "I don't post enough". What a bunch of hooey...

Contact me directly for the video links. I can post them after I put up enough garbage posts, lol.

Jim Leiferman
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Dang lucky guy! How did you get invited to that event? :p
Dang lucky guy! How did you get invited to that event? :p
I have a friend who is on the wait list for an LFA. he got invited and was able to bring a guest.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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