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Driving in the winter? "anyone heard of "winter mode"?

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I live in Canada, where winters are quite nasty for a few months a year. I really want to purchase an ISF soon, but dont know how it will do on ice and snow with so much rear wheel hp. i know winter tires make all the difference, as well as traction control, but is it enough? i also heard of a "winter mode" setting on the ISF, anyone else heard of this?
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Welcome to the site!!

The Lexus F does have a lot of hp but there are a lot of people running winter wheel and tire setup's for the winter and plan on driving it throughout the season. I would say that the traction control, winter mode and winter tires would be enough (so long as the driver can control the urge to open the car up :p ) To answer your question about a "winter mode" setting, yes, there are three modes to the IS-F, sport, normal and snow and so when you start the car your going to have to select the snow mode.

Since the F is a relatively new vehicle, no one has really driven it all throughout the winter months so it is going to be interesting to see what happens, how it handles and what type of winter setup people are going to run :)

Again welcome to the site and let us know if you have any other questions
I ran snow tires with a 20mm smaller tire width setup on my M3 and it ran great in the snow (clearance limited). Around the DC metro area, it's hit or miss when it comes to winter. Full snow tires won't last long and it's no fun to drive in the dry. In Canada, I'd go down a few tire sizes with a winter tire'll be good!

Why not just wait until next year to buy it? I live in Toronto and I have no intentions of driving it through the winter. Whats the point driving this car if you can't use it the way we all love too!! I get nervous in traffic because I can't open her up, I can't imagine putting around in snow mode!lol Its just my opinion but you would be buying a car that makes everyone on this forum giddy with its performance and you would drive it around like it was your mothers Chevy. Wait it out a little longer, you never know, you might come across a great deal on a used one next year!
idk if im going to drive mine in the snow! probably wash it good, cover it and then leave it in the garage, but will drive it occasionally when its nice out and no snow on the ground but idk just wait until like november or december or january and then order a brand new customed from them and itll take probably 1 month or two and itll be like early spring by then perfect weather and what not
this will be my daily driver, so if i cant drive it like i stole it in the winter, im willing to make that sacrifice, so that i can in the summer.
I live in Canada as well, and am thinking about to get it! This will be my only car! How bad will it be to drive it in the winter? We have a lot of salts on the road during winter, is it going to hurt my paint? Is there any protection package I can get to drive it in the winter?
snow mode will cut the nuts off the car quite a bit. There should be no problems taking it easy and running snow tires. Wash it regularly to deal with salts...go for it.

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