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Hi Guys - i am new to the forum and i am from Bulgaria , Eastern Europe but we have very few IS-F's here since audi and bmw are king on this side of the world. Anyway to the question:

I was doing some drag times with my 2011 Is-f and i am disappointed to say the least!

The car is bone stock including the Michelin tires. I was doing 13.6 to 13.7 consistently all day.

Now what i want to know is how much the weather affects the drag times since outside was reallyyyyyyy hot i mean burning! 30-32 degrees Celsius which is around 90 in Fahrenheit. Also the track itself stands on 860m above sea level. Could those two things be the reason ?

Also what kind of preassure should i use on the tires ? Right now i am on max since i was doing 270 km/h going back and front to the seaside :D:D:D But i am thinking that i have too much wheel spin on the starts even though my reaction time is 0.180 - 0.200 which again might be too much.

I am using sport mode, vsc off (i am pressing the button until all two traction control lights go on) and manual shifting untill beep.

Please help! I am going back tomorow without a spare and low gas hopping for atleast a low 13 :sad: Any help is appreciated!

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