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Door Locks

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Not sure if I am in correct section, but I was wondering if there was any way to make the doors lock on our F's while the car is running. For example, I always like to start my car at work and then go back inside while it warms up and I can finish what I was doing, but I cant lock the doors and I always have something inside the car that I am worried might dissappear. I would think that when the sensor is out of immediate range of the car that you should be able to lock the doors from the remote, but no success.
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im pretty sure you can lock the doors by pressing the button on the door. im not 100% tho as i havent started my car in 3 months...... but try that.
I tried a few different things myself and have had no luck.

Doug might be able to figure something out with one of his techs.

The only other option I can think of is remote start.
I don't think it will let you take the remote out of the car with the engine running and lock the doors, but this might be one of those dealer-executable settings. Another thing you could try is to bring the other key and leave that in the car while you step out and use the remote to lock it.

Are you in the frozen tundra? It's not like these cars should require a lot of warming up.
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