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does anyone think that alot of parts will be out for the Is-F?

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tell me what u think. P.s im new and do not own a Is-F. I just love the car. i think the car is the type that is make your whities brown type of car already.
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Well, looks like you dont care about thr 12yr old thing. good, cause alot of people don't like me on their form cause of my age. I think that we need to wait also. but people buy turbos for lambos and ferraris so I think that that is not the problem. the car is pretty new, 09 model so I think it will sell more. like alot more. also how muchh would a custom SC/TC(FI) cost to do? Just wondering because I saw a youtube video with a Is F that had a custom greddy Supercharger.The final question is....... Has anyone ported and polished their Is F eingine or had it done for them?

Age doesn't matter here as long as you present yourself well. Being respectful to the other members and of course being respectful to our community is key.

As to your original question about availiblity of parts for the F, in this tough economy we're in right now, it will be up to the aftermarket parts manufacturers to make parts on the F. The F is a niche vehicle so finding parts right now is tough at first. In the state of our economy right now, it will be tough for any company to produce anything for any car, except the mainstream ones like for instance a Camry or something. The F you see with the custom Greddy S/C is one off. After all the parts, installation and etc you're probably looking at at least $10k on that project. I really doubt anyone has ported or polished their F's engine at this time. I'm sure there will be for those looking to extract more power from the 5.0L V8.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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