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Oil Filter Options

I read this thread with interest and wanted to add ... IMHO ... the oil filter options.

In addition to the standard Lexus filter, higher performance "synthetic" filters are a cost-effective alternative. There are four filters usually referenced here and in other websites:

TRD: PTR43-00081 ... Toyota dealer $10-$12.
Mobil 1: M1C-453 ... $37 for 2-pack
K&N: HP-7018 ... $11
WIX: 57310 ... $12.50

The TRD filter is "Made in USA" but I do not know the manufacturer. The Mobil 1 and K&N appear identical and [probably] made by Champion.

Finally, FYI, I use the TRD filter with Mobil 1 0W-30 AFE at 10,000 miles intervals. I buy the oil at Walmart in two 5qt jugs for $44-$48.
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