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Hey hey, carful what you say about Ford Mustang Owners, as I own one. Matter of fact, it's my 3rd !! And in the quarter mile I make the IS-F look stupid.

As far as this mod, it's not going to void your warranty by simply puling the vacuum hose off. Now if it causes damage, which i don't think it would, you might have an issue.

I would highly advise against this modification. The problem with the IS-F is not down low (where I have reached sixty in 4.2 seconds numerous times) and where there is an abundance of power on tap early but rather after 5,000 rpm's where we have seen torque curves drop off significantly, and where both intakes are fully open. Voiding your warranty to hear the often talked about "whoop" 1,000 rpm's sooner is simply idiotic, and something I would expect from Chevy iroc or Ford mustang owners!

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1 - 3 of 91 Posts
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