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DIY: OEM wheel repair

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional painter and will not take any responsibility if you mess something up. :)

That said, In order to repair your curbed wheel you would need the following:

1) 400,600,2000 grit sandpaper(wet/dry)
2) Small container filled with mixture of Dawn dish washing soap and water
3) Small sponge
4) 3M rubbing compound ( I used 3M Perfect it Machine glaze)
5) Touch up paint ( bought it from Sewell Lexus)
6) Clear coat (could be bought at auto zone)
7) Micro fiber or cotton towels for polishing.
8) Rubbing alcohol.

Step 1
Park your car somewhere safe and where you can see.Should look something like this....

Step 2
Take a container with Dawn (hand soap)/ water mixture, wet the scrape with the sponge. Then take 400 grit sandpaper (cut it so its not too big to prevent damaging good finish of the wheel) and start sanding off the scape trying to be as even as possible. Make sure to wet the area as you go. Move down to 600 grit as you see that scrapes are getting smaller. Finish it off with 2000 Grit. It should look like this...

Step 3
Prep the surface with rubbing alcohol (making it grease free)to ensure that the paint sticks to the surface.

Step 4
Take your touch up paint, shake it well, and apply carefully. The trick for that is to saturate but not make the brush drip. Start from the top and have the paint slowly float down as you guide it with a soft touch of the brush. If you are satisfied with texture and looks you can proceed to the next step, but if you dont like how it turned out you can wet sand as you did in step 2, except you can only use 2000 Grit. Make sure you give enough time for paint to cure before you wet sand, leave it on the sun for best results.

Step 5
Repeat the painting process just using the clear instead of paint but wet sanding here is mandatory to ensure nice, even finish. Wait until it dries, the longer the better.

Note, as you wet sand it is important to remember to apply even pressure to prevent sanding off more in a specific spot. Best thing to know your done is when you wipe off the water the clear should look evenly marred and feel smooth on touch.

Step 6
Take the rubbing compound, apply it it on the rug and go to town until its shiny. Then you are done and it should look similar to this...

Hopefully this was helpful to you guys.
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Good job and good directions. I have a small one on one of mine and will follow your outline. Thanks
Good job and good directions. I have a small one on one of mine and will follow your outline. Thanks
No problem, glad I could help. Shoot me a pm if you have any questions. Good luck with the repair.
^^^^The paint they are selling is Toyota Paint code 1E3 and you can buy it at any Auto Store under the Dupl-Color name. I discovered this was the correct paint code before Sewell did, and it works fine for me.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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