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Didn't get the Is-f but equally fun vehicle!

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Hi Folks,

Some of you might remember that we were shopping for an IS-f back in August. First I have to say that Andy from Mc Grath was top notch in trying to assist us. Unfortunately the car wasn't fitting our needs with only 2 seats in the back (that was a major drawback) and the color combo was limited.

The C63 amg and M3 Dct were the other 2 countenders, but the AMG ended up being way to brutal for my mother's daily driving style and the M3 wasn't available with DCT at a reasonable price.

A killer deal came accross on a brand new BMW 550 i with Dinan package. The car is fully loaded with lane departure, night vision, head up display, contour/massage heated and cooled seats, sport package, rare carbon black exterior color over natural brown leather interior and so many more options which made the IS-f look a little less grown up at least to our liking. The car stickered at 82,000$ and we got it for 20 k$ less given the special summer sales they had.

Here are some pics:

Looking forward to seeing you all and your great IS-f on here; and thanks for all the great info everyone provided.


PS: I remain in the Lexus family with my modded IS :p
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Congrats on your purchase! Sucks the IS-F didn't work out, it's an awesome car :) Looks like thats a pretty bada$$ 550i you purchased, enjoy :)
Thanks For the kind words !!! I'm sure your mom will love the 550.
C63 AMG Is Brutally Fast!!:eek: No offense to my F or any other F's out there but it's monster car..Although I don't like the look of the car but speed MORE than makes up for it..I'll stick with the F or the M3..:D
yeah, should have just gotten the m5 that things a beast...but isf is def a great car...
M3 is overall the Best for the price..If you want Looks and performance then M6..As for me on M5 one of my former friend had one..Although not bad but it's gotta be M3 or M6..
Thanks for the kind words, in deed the M5 was very nice but at over 100k$ for a car that is similarly equipped and can't be fully exploited on Florida road it was a bit silly. The 550i is already scary fast with 0-60 time in 4.8 sec and has so many luxury features that it turns out to be a great sport luxury sedan. It compares very well with our previous M5, a tad heavier but better engine and shifting with the 550i for exact perf.

BMW GUY------Be Sure To Buy The Extended Warranty!
nice pickup. i test drove the 550i before my dad chose the 535i and that thing is pretty powerful. i had a car load of ppl and went to 80 in a quick few seconds and the lip kit is very sexy
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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