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Did I make the right choice?

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I am new to the sport sedan division. Without much research, I put a deposit for an ISF and will be picking one up on Tuesday.

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Yes and You will be pleasantly suprised
Welcome. Did you make the right choice? Can't say >

without knowing what you have owned and what your expectations are for the IS-F? If you are planning to tow your horse trailer with it, it may be the wrong vechicle for you. If you think you are going to get 40MPG with it, again it's the wrong car for you....

Is the IS-F a fantastic sport sedan? YES, IMHO it is. Can it compete with the BMW M3, MB C 6.3AMG, Audi RS4, and the likes? Again IMHO yes. If you are looking for something that can be tame, well manored, provide a high level of comfort and conveniences while also being able to perfom at the highest levels of a sport sedan, you've made a great choice.

Though I've only had my IS-F since the end of January and only have about 3000 miles on it, the more I drive it and learn about the car as I drive it, the more I appreciate all of the subtle touches and performance features of the car. I think for most, the IS-F is more car then they could ever want or need. And for the rest of us it keeps a smile on our faces ever time we drive it or even think about it.... So again, if that's what you are looking for you've made a great choice....
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It IS!!

I just got my silver IS F. I feel like a teenager again. I have no regrets.

Well done.

Mine is on the boat finally.... another couple of weeks to wait....
For Sure!

HEY Man! you kidden. Let me say this. I've owned many fast cars, the last being the Shelby GT 500 and there is really no comparison to the Lexus ISF in true unmitigated pleasure, performance and the awesome fun factor. :)
Ive had my IS-F since the beginning of the year as well and put over 21,000 miles on it so far, its a blast to drive every day on my 300 mile round trip to and from work!
This is a fantastic car. I have driven several performance cars over the years and I love the dual nature of this car. Stuck in traffic - pop it in drive and get through it. On the open highway and open it up. On the twisty bits - really have some fun.

All in all it is a great car, and I have only had it for 350 miles.
Still smiling!

Almost two weeks with the car and absolutely loving it. I am sure my IS F is the only one with two baby seats in the back. My two year old loves the car.

Still only with 200 plus miles.

Well, I've got 2 booster seats in mine. I am sad to say I can't convince my kids to keep their feet of the backs of the seats!

My 6 year old boy keeps asking me to go faster. Why don't I live closer to a freeway....
your'e not alone....

Got a child seat and a baby seat behind me too, but i try to ditch the wife and kids when i drive it. I always try to get out alone by trying to mail business bills ASAP at the main post office and not come back for hours.:D
Just me and the F all alone together...doesn't get better than that. Wife and kids belong in the Pilot.:D
very asian interior, some things are greate and some are really strange for a car that casts 70 or something...
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