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detailed the exterior of 32 amg

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It was like 15 degrees out each day. I think the warmest day was about 22-24 degrees. In the garage I had two portable heaters and I started up the grill.

I didn't get to fully detail the rims becuase my car is at the stealership again....getting a new fuel pump this time.

Heres some products I used.
Grime reaper and simple green degreaser.
Dodo juice shampoo
Menzerna compound heavy
menzerna 1060ff medium
menzerna po85rd finishing polish
menzerna FTG
jetseal 109
p21s pure carnauba wax
stoners invisible glass
plexus plastic shine and polish

I only did the exterior but the rims and interior are next.

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Finished product looks great, awesome job :cool: I have never heard of any of the products you used
Thanks Bigmikeisf

They are pretty popular products
Chemical guys, poor boys, menzerna, p21s
try autopia - zerna is good stuff - sonusgloss is good for a quickie!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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