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To the original OP, I have no idea whether there are holes or not behind the F on the fender. I had mine replaced at the dealership, you might want to ask them or maybe one of the guys on here knows.


I would like to know too. I was planning on Removing the Chrome LEXUS from the left of the trunk, as well as the IS before the F symbol on the right of the trunk.

I also wanted to replace all the F badges with aftermarket F badges in Black Chrome. Does anybody know a manufacturer of these? I have seen them from Carson Tuned in Black Pearl, but not in Black Chrome. Carson Tuned has a Black Chrome front grill surround, but did not mention anything about the F symbols or anything else.
I have the Black Chrome emblems on my F. Clark at VIP Status can do them in either Black Chrome or Black Pearl. They look really good imo and I receive a lot of "those are the normal F badges are they..." type of questions. They're a little pricey but the quality cannot be beat :cool: Let me know if you would like his email or contact info.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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