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Dealers help me out please

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So as I've been trying to work out myself a trade for some time now......I currently have an 08 IS350 sport package. I want the ISF.

I bought the 350 in May 2008. 50,000 flat. Canadian, cuz I live in Canada. Just a bit under MSRP. So anyways today I was told that, if I traded it in, right now. I would get 35,000 for the trade.

Does this not seem like a complete and unbelievable crock of shit. Or am I just not getting it. 35 f**king thousand, and the vehicle is less then one year old, it is in PERFECT condition, it has 7343km (4589 miles). It hasn't even been driven since October cuz I'm not winter driving it.

Can you tell that I am completely outraged?
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Unfortunatly that's the biggest problem when you buy any new car, the value drops quite a bit when you drive it off the lot. Whithout knowing what you have in the car other than the stock equip. I checked Kelly Blue Book for an IS 350 with your miles ect and ML / Nav and it shows a trade in value of $32,000 with the current exchange rate that's like 41,200 CAD.

If your figures were in dollars then 35k is about right but if they were in Canadian I would work to get something better or go somewhere else.
sport package doesnt have nav or ml. i know option packs are different then in the states from canada. but yah kbb trade value still says about 38000 with conversion to CDN from USD.

u notice how cars under 2 years old are still classified as new in kbb?
When the new car market softens, for example 10-12k off of the Is-f, the used car market follows right behind. Kelley blue book isn't always right on the money either. They wait on info from the dealers. A more accurate and up to date trade value can be had by watching the auctions.
That's actually pretty close to black book wholesale price.

For Canada check out this free site. VMR is showing just over c$35k wholesale & c$39k retail for your car:

So you should be able to sell it privately for about $38-40k. Dealers will only offer $35k cuz they want a $4-5k mark up. Besides, if you look at the Lexus Canada website, practically every 08 model is now "on sale" this month with the factory rebates. The 08 IS350 is showing a $2k rebate.

Sorry but if you wanted say $45k you're probably not gonna get it. Most people would fork out another $3k to get a brand new one. And they get to pick the color combo they want.

Hope what I said makes sense to you.
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Rule of Thumb, if your buying a new car at wholesale prices, your going to get wholesale for your trade.
That all sounds correct. When you drive a new car off the lot you are going to suck up 5-10k on the spot! This is why in general it is not the best thing to do if you are going to try to sell it in the future. No one is going to pay you that much when they can go to the dealer and add a few grand and get a brand spanking new one. You are going to eat another 5 grand on trade....putting you at 35k. That is how the system works and I would say you are stuck
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