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Dealer Options - Chip Protect and Sealants

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What is everyones opinion on some of the up-sell options lexus dealerships offer with the ISF?

Namely the clear 3M Chip Protect that they can put on the front of the car to protect from paint chips, and the Sealants they put on the paint/leather/carpet.

They say the sealants (which are essentially some 3m scotchguard product) make the car never need waxing, and guarantee you'll never have a stain in carpet, or leather that dries out or cracks. If so they'll replace it/fix it.

I took delivery of my ISF (Neiman Marcus) this weekend, and plan to take it in to have both options done this week.

Apart from the obvious price markup the dealership puts on these products, does anyone have any opinions on how much they do? Or opinions on whether the chip protect is visibly ugly on the front of the car?
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Honestly the 3M clear shield on the front is a good addition. I have had my IS F for just a couple of days and its pretty low to the ground, i.e. it picks up lots of road debris. The new 3M stuff is pretty invisible except on black. With the dark color, you will notice a small line where it stops on the hood. Other than that it should be pretty much invisible. As far as the clear coat sealant, I own collision repair facilities and can attest that its pretty much a bogus charge. They claim that it protects against everything but, to date, I havent seen anything that can keep bird droppings from eating the clear. Something you should know though, Lexus and Toyota do not clear their black cars. So, if you see any foreign material on the paint you need to remove it quickly.

Just my 2 cents....

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Yep, they don't clear coat Black:( The clear bra will have a visible line, and will protect against road debris but if you remove it, the paint under it will be a slightly different shade. Minor nicks are less evident than the straight line that is left by the bra IMO.
That's great info! So why don't they clear-coat the black? (I've got black!)

What would you say *is* the best thing to do to keep the black paint in it's best condition?

And SuperFreak-- So you are saying you think the clear bra actually damages the paint? If I take it off there will be discoloration?

Now I may think twice before I do either the chip-protect or the sealant...
At one point I had 3 black Lexus's or Lexi. After keeping them washed and waxed on a regular basis, it just became too much. Honestly there isnt a perfect way to maintain it. Basically everytime you wash it and hand dry it, you'll find small scratches all over it. They are generally caused by the dirt and grime on the surface. When you wash it, it acts like a type of sand paper. Lighter colors have the same problem but, they are much more difficult to notice.

I would recommend the clear shield over having the whole front end repainted after a few thousand miles. The new material doesnt discolor and crack like the old ones did. Even if it does discolor the finish on the IS F, in most cases it can be colorsanded and buffed back to the original shine.

Xtreme - Thanks for the awesome info.

I think i'll have the 3m "chip-protect" put-on, but will probably not pay them for the sealant treatment.
i just bought a black isf a few weeks ago and had the whole front of the car done with the 3m clear shield. this includes the whole front hood, bumper, head and fog lights, front quarter panels, and the rockers on the side. NO lines visible or distoration of color. It wasn't cheap, but well worth it!!!!!!!
I have had my black IS-F for about 3 weeks, chumpboy do you have any pics of your IS-F after the application of the clear shield. How much did it run you?
Put clearshield on front of new black ISF for cost of $595. Originally $695 but got tint package also. Looks great. You can see the line but it is not bad. I debated clear shield on the bumber but did not get. The dealership told me not to worry because a guy can refinish plastic bumpers for $400 about the cost of the sheild so I am covered if it the bumper gets messed up.
The 3M stuff is awesome, and is guarenteed not to turn color on you either !!

Agree, it's not cheap, but well worth it !!
Clear Bra

I put the 3M clear bar on the entire front end , the A pillars, 8" of the roof , rocker panels, back of mirrors, door cups and behind rear wheels. The company that installed them for me swears the paint will fade at the same rate.
So how much are we talking for that 3M stuff?

ISF Scott, it seems you went all the way, how much was that?
Could you indicate pricing for each piece.

Debating on having it done.

I have been trying to look for the interior sealants pictures, but i cant....Would anyone mind posting pictures?
Llumar Paint Protection

I see folks talking about the 3M "Clearbra" paint protection, does anyone have experience with the Llumar version? My neighbor owns a window tint business, he's done my last several cars, his company does Llumar paint protection and he is trying to talk me into it. I've looked at the Llumar website, it looks pretty good. I've only had my IS-F for a couple days but that low hunkered down front end looks like an invitation for rock chips and "road rash".
Thanks, from Travelingman.
For all I had done and all windows tinted I spent $1535.00 I think it was a fair price and the quality of workmanship is steller.
Llumar Paint Protection

This is an update to my previous post from last month. I went ahead and had the Llumar Paint Protection kit (Clearbra) installed on my silver IS-F. I haven't seen the comparable 3M product up close, but I'm pleased with Llumar package, it looks darn near invisible on my car, it's on part of the hood, the entire front clip, headlights, mirrors, front rocker panels.
The shop I went to is in San Antonio, they've done many "high-end" vehicles over the past couple years, normal price for an IS-F is $650. If anyone around the area is interested, give me a holler, the shop owner used to be my neighbor and I can probably get you a 10% discount.
i actually have the 3m clear bra from x-pell the guy that did it does the lamborghini, bentley, ferrari, and champion motorsports dealerships by me, he gave me a good deal, because i knew one of the sales and he recommended him to me he gave me 25% of the hood, entire rocker panels, headlights, sideview mirrors, entire front bumper, fenders, all for $800. it helps alot, honestly i have a smoky granite its visible but everyone says as if its like part of the car like an extra body kit it looks nice doesn't ruin the look of your car!!

Definetely a need for your car!
Good to hear TravelingMan! I have the 3M since I couldn't find one that does Llumar close to me, really happy with it! :) Your in San Antonio?
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