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My wife was driving my F yesterday and when she went to lock the car, her key fob wouldn't lock the car. I've replaced the battery and it is all good now, but it had me thinking. She probably drives the car once a month and I drive it almost daily. My key fob battery is still good, yet her's is dead.

The most likely cause is just a bad battery, but it got me thinking. My wife leaves her purse in the laundry room which is adjacent to the garage. Is it possible that the car is "pinging" the fob repeatedly and draining the battery? The car is probably about 20 feet from the fob when my car is home.


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Thinking about it some more...I had a problem unlocking my car yesterday. it took several trys before I was able to unlock it without taking the keys out of my pocket (must have looked funny to people passing by with me practically dancing around the door handle). Then I realized my cell phone was in the same pocket as my keys.
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