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I just bought my 08 w/ 17k on the odometer and it is black as well. I am having Lexus repaint the hood, front bumper, fenders, and mirrors b/c there were too many rock chips for me to stand (I'm very particular about my cars). They are then going to put a clear bra on it to prevent any damage after the new paint. I can't wait and think if your anything like me, I would do this in the following steps:

1. check w/ lexus and see if they will repair at no cost

2. wait until someone gives a good response on a self-repair method and use it

3. after either dealer repair or self-repair, put a clear bra on it (it will prevent further rock chips and also possibly cover up the touch-up repair.

What was your strategy here, did you have them repaint the front of the car as a condition of the sale? Or are they doing this as goodwill?

Also, how long are you going to wait for the paint to dry/cure/harden before you have them install the clear bra?

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