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the paint on my car is guaranteed never to fade
so clear shield is the way to go if u wanna try and stop chips
our paint chips easy and is weaker then a lot of other cars
get use to it
even with the clear shield u will still take hits

if u do bother to get it fixed, id go with toyota, just because they probably have great experience with the same kinda of paint

touch it up and get a clear shield, sure u can see the lines at certain distances but when i see them on cars, i just know whomever likes to take care of it
i dont think they are ugly in any way

theres also a spray that can be applied, i cant remember what its called tho

but seriously, just give up
rocks fly, i have little nicks in my clear all over and a horrible chip in the middle of my hood that went right to the aluminum
that one broke my heart lol
i touch it up, but know it will happen again, ull be in the shop all the time if u try and fix everything
ill just wait a few years and after more damage happens
then ill consider getting it repainted
or when that sweet rejuvenating clear coat from the LS is on the table lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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