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i got my rear tires replaced about three weeks ago at my local dealership.

it was a very busy three weeks, and i did not get to wash the car until today.

upon inspection today, i noticed a nice gouge in one of rear rims....obviously not a parking scratch mark.

i garage the car at home, and park it in a gated lot during the day. the damage
definitely occurred during the tire change. the rim did not have any other damage.

any suggestions on how to approach the dealership? it has been a few weeks, but i know it happened there. i am the only one who drives the car, and nothing else happened during this time that could even remotely explain the damage....

FYI. i have the tire/rim package, if it means anything...
My suggestion would be to make a phone call to the service manager at the dealership and gently engage in conversation with him and explain as you have here, your situation. Perhaps he will set up a time for you to come by and inspect the wheel in person. Although some of the responsibility falls on you to inspect the car when you pick it up you might find that the dealer will be of some help.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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