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Dallas Car Show

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Well my family and I went to the Dallas Car Show over the weekend and I was quite pleased with the Lexus booth. They had a couple IS-F's and there was a line to sit in them. They had the LF-A as well but it was on a spinning display so you could not get in it. All I can say is WOW, you have to see it to believe it. Now there was only one car I wanted to sit in, a Nissan GTR and yes there was one there and NO you could not get in it, they kept it locked. I sat in a 125K Mercedes, a 80K Jag etc etc and they keep the GT-R locked. Just venting :mad:
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i was disappointed with the show except for the exotics. did they give you any of they is-f chapstick and other is-f goodies? got to talking to them and they asked to see my key and i got a goodie bag. also they asked me to try the simulator and compare it to the real thing
Na, I was so blown away by the LF-A, just in awe!!!! I begged them just to fire it up and rap it to 9 for a quickie.
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