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custom quad exhaust vid and perhaps a screeching/slipping belt

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ps. at around 0:30.. is that the screeching thats supposed to be heard for the first 500 cars?
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Great find! It's exciting to know more and more companies are coming out for stuff for the F, giving owners more and more options! :cool:

I heard that noise at about 0:30 as well, I haven't heard but I would assume it was either the belt or transmission....Hopefully someone who had the problem can listen and confirm whether it is or not :cool:
It sounds nice but not as good as the JoeZ exhaust. Are the tips custom or stock?
the tips are stock. i was gonna have them "chrome black'ed" but the man said it wouldnt be 100 % perfect, it might have wrinkles.
i talked to the guy from royal muffler... he said the exhaust is a custom "one-off" for now. it would cost about $2,300 and he would need your car for about a week to customize and make the exhaust. one cool thing is that unlike the joe-z exhaust, his exhaust goes out to four separate mufflers (may be a little overkill though). he is not thinking of putting into production unless there is high interest to buy (this would bring down the price significantly). he didn't have dyno numbers for it yet as he is in the process of developing a cold air intake system and he said he wanted to wait until he had all of it done before dynoing the car.
Thanks for the info bchoi! Thats a little steep for an exhaust but then again, it is custom. Is anyone thinking of having this done?
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