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Current sales on the F

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Does anyone know how the sales have been going for the ISF? Is it in line with what Lexus expected, or down like everything else because of fuel prices?
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Sales have been off by 6% in the Central Area, but I think it's more so because of the lack of advertising than anything else. In the same time, I can say my store has delivered 13 as of now ;)
We have Sold every one we have recieved within a week. Most of them never hit the showroom floor. We have sold 10 to this point and have two that are close to being sold. One of those is still on the boat. These are niche cars and are highly specialized vehicles. I am very proud of my sales staff for putting in the time and effort to learn about these cars and how to sell them. The IS-F is definately a different beast than most Lexus sales people are used to selling.

Andy, you sound very knowlegeble about these vehicles and I'm sure that is a major reason why your store is also successful selling them too.
Thanks. I am a true Car Enthusiast. I've been in the business for 9 years now and one thing I can honestly say is if your excited about the product, your customer is going to be excited.

The great thing about the IS-F is Lexus did one hell of a job with this vehicle !! It's the ultimate daily driver and weekend warrior !!
My local dealership had six in stock. I would jump on one but they are still trying to sell it at MSRP. I could wait....
These vehicles are selling and alot it has to do with your area as far as how much has sold.In the southeast we sold every one that comes in, only one sat for a two weekes.Because they're limited edtions I seriously doubt the price is gonna come down from the MSRP.Gas has little to do with it too,if people want it they'll buy it.Look at the new I-phone, it's over $200 and there's a line out the door!!----what poverty??? The rich gets richer and the poor get poorer.
Can anyone tell the the hard production numbers, and color alloations for the Blue's?
I know that there will only be approx. 3000 models a year, with the blue being the most available color.
I know that there will only be approx. 3000 models a year, with the blue being the most available color.
Are the two least produced colors the Red Mica and Mercury Metallic? I read that somewhere
Yes, the red and silver are not as high in production because those colors, Lexus figures, are not "high" sellers..especially for the "F" line.They wanted the blue as the signature color that's why it's all in the stitching and on the emblems, and black and smokey granite are popular and there just has to be a white vehicle (there will always be white on a vehicle).
Why introduce a middleman into the equation? Strike your best deal at your favorite Lexus dealer, we have "The Event" sale going on right now. Adding a lease company who is going to buy from the dealer anyway and charge you for the privilege is not best way to go IMHO.
I agree with SuperFreak. Why cushion their pockets? How are you going to turn to for service and with any questions about your IS-F?? Not the middle man....
Lexus just put out special financing on this vehicle...that's why I took advantage of it!
theres speacial financing on the f? untill when?
Nope, the Special Financing ended Sept. 2nd.
mind me asking what it was?
Special finance for MY08 (expired 9/2): 2.9% for 4 yrs or 3.9% for 5yrs for quailified cust.

mind me asking what it was?
the dealership around me has probably 2 right now left, but they were demos i think because they are kinda beaten up people jacking the F symbols and also cracking the keyless entry piece off and shit, mad people are such cheap ass for stealing those things, but 2 i believe they have left and 1 that the general manager has lol but prices should probably go down in another month or two i was talking to the sales guy i know thats a good friend
you think theyll offer the speacial apr anytime soon again?
If they do, except money down being required... Almost all deals now need money down.
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