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I just had my 10k service this morning and I was told my front brakes are down to just 3mm and would need to be replaced, along with the rotors, at the next service (15k). I was quoted $1,400 and after reading this post, it seems to be slightly higher than other quotes.

Either way, I do not drive aggressively and often downshift to slow the car down versus constantly having the foot on the brakes. This seems to be a ridiculously high price considering how often they will need to be replaced. What suggestions are out there for having a longer brake life, as I noticed some chap is getting 21k miles on his set? Any chance of buying Brembo brakes and rotors elsewhere and saving some cash?

Also, the brakes started squealing at 4k miles so paying that much for squeals is making me reach the breaking point with the car (in addition to not being able to use the nav screen while in motion).
1 - 1 of 74 Posts
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