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Crashed my IS-F!! :(

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Very bad news... I was on the middle lane just after a traffic light and the when i decided to switch to the left lane, this cab in front of me suddenly braked really hardly because of 2 ppl in front of him cutting each others ways and i had to crash him!! :(
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im trying to upload pics but it says that my limit is 97.7kb and the pics are obviously bigger... any suggestions?
put the pics on photobucket or a similar site, then just copy and paste the link in your message.
That is A real drag! Sorry to hear that. Will yoiu have it repaired or does this give you enough reason to et an LFA?
Sorry to hear. I assume no one was hurt, just the car? It can be fixed, that's what insurance is for. Let us know how it turns out.
very sorry to us some pictures...
sorry to hear that man. how bad was it? airbags deploy? you get any cuts or bruises? is it repairable or do you think the vehicle is totalled?
Thank goodness the airbags didn't deploy! so far, the damages I know of are the bonnet, side fenders, bumper, light, JOE Z intake and Tom's air filter, the frame in front of the engine and apparently my headers got a bit damaged for some reason I don't know how yet. Thanks for the kind comments... here's the link:
I forgot to mention that the IS-F isn't available in this whole region and I'm going to have to order the parts from the states which is gonna take a while!

Maybe performance headers if the headers really are damaged ;)
my heart would be broken:(

Poor ISF...:eek:
Well atleast you weren't hurt. Cars can be replaced...
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OMG! I really want to cry seeing that car. I have the same color :( I'm so sorry to hear. Best of luck with it.

Those pics make me cringe. Hopfully it doesn't take too much to get it fixed. Hope it it is just the cosmetic stuff.

Let us know what else you find damaged. How fast were you going? I'm surprised that the airbags didn't go off?
That looks like a low speed hit ... i wud say between 20-30mph .. Reason I believe is cause newer cars are designed that way to take more impact from the front in order to save the passengers in the car ahead of the crashing vehicle. In other words, REAR enforcement is made stronger to take more of the hit and Front enforcement is made lighter to take more impact ... (keep in mind trunks are empty and hollow so it would be easier to harm passengers in the first car) ... like wise on the front we have airbags and engine drop down mounts for passenger safety ...while not too much to offer from the rear end.
REASON WHY AIRBAGS DIDN'T DEPLOY: If you notice the cars front bumper is pretty intact ... no major damage .. air bag sensors are right besides those little square caps you see .. Sensors never felt the impact to deploy the airbags ...

I had a similar accident last year ... I drive a 3 inch dropped civic and i rammed in to the back of a Land cruiser ... my hood scrapped exactly like that and the land cruisers towing hatchet stabbed my radiator . As everything was above the front bumpers ... no airbags deployed ...
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Oh BTW ... Im glad your ok buddy ! Thats All what counts ...

You can also try ebay for parts or the closest dealership would be in Europe.
Mani is right... i was doing about 45mph and by the time i slowed down i had probably collided at 35 mph or so...

the latest update is that the lexus dealership is gonna get the parts from Japan and it will take about 2 months to get the parts and probably another 2-4 weeks to get it fixed!! i think im gonna get a Joe Z exhaust while waiting for the car to get fixed and i obviously need a new intake so im thinking about the new AFE one.

Good thing is i'm not too short on power at the moment cause i'm driving an STS-V... quality is crap, handling too but it's FAST and is a looker from the outside and specially the inside.

must be nice to have an sts-v as a "rental"
Sucks man, so sorry. It must be a bitch to get parts there.
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