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My pads wore out quickly, too. Very quickly. The car only had 4200 miles on it when I had to replace the pads. Luckily the rotors were OK.
The car has been to a road course track once and I did use the brakes hard that day.
By comparison, my Boxster had been to the same road course several times and it had at least 15,000 miles on it before it needed pads. It also braked a lot harder than the Lexus (although it was a lot lighter, to be fair).
So I'm starting to think the factory pads, and perhaps rotors, have a design problem. I'm hopeful my new pads (ferodos) will last longer.
You might try to replace the pads yourself; it's pretty easy (see posts here for instruction if you need it). It cost me $220. I wonder if you can measure the rotors yourself to verify they really need replacement.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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