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Continental Extreme DW

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I'm here to tell you that 285/30/19 works just fine with our stock wheels on the rear. Today I put on Continental Extreme DW 245/35/19 on the front and the 285s on the stock wheels. Every thing fit just fine. Pics. are attached showing the rear tire bulge, which is much less than I expected. IMHO, these fit just fine.

1. The Rear Tire Tread

2. The Front Tire Tread

3. The Rear Tire Sidewall Bulge

4. New and Old Front Tires



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Very nice. I will be very interested to hear your opinion of the tires after a little spirited driving and high speed driving. I'm curious if the car will be "floaty" at all. This seems like a great size combination for our car. I'm sure you will be happy with the continentals. They should last quite a bit longer than the stock PS2s, but still have great performance.
Looks good Lou. Is your car lowered or stock suspension? Depending on how much you like them I might give'm a shot when I need new tires. My car is lowered with the Tien Springs
^^^^Stock Height, Stock Suspension. So far, I like 'em a lot.

BTW, my old tires are for sale here:

I just found another reason to like the DWs...they are lighter than PS2s.
I've had them on for about 2 hundred miles now. Original opinion still stands. They're quieter than the PS2s, and due to the extra width seem better planted. In a wide sweeper exit of the freeway, I seem to be better able to hold a line, and I can do it at a slightly speed. Things seem very stable on the freeway at speed. The sidewall design is not as fancy as the PS2s, but this tire seems like one heck of a buy, IMHO.

good to hear. Keep the updates coming.
I'm bumping this thread to:

1. Show a new pict I took showing the rear tire from the side.

2. Post link to the latest Hi-Po tire test at Tire Rack. The DW won by a slim margin over the Eagle F1, and the PS2.

I can't post the link to Tire Rack, this forum wont allow it since Discount Tire Direct is a sponsor here. I have posted the link at CL, or you can go to the Tire Rack web site and look at the latest Hi-Po Tire Test.

BTW, I did buy mine at a Discount Tire Store in Tucson.

I'm still luvin' mine.



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