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Hi, guys; noob here. First of all: bump--no posts other than 2, by an admin., and at that all the way back in April?

Also, LF-C came out at least a couple yr. ago, but at that time, it seemed as if Lexus was hinting VERY strongly that the concept would serve as the basis for a real, production coupe and/or 'vert. w/in a couple years. Then: silence. Nothing but crickets. Then the IS-F comes down the pike.

Bimmer has a hardtop 3 series 'vert., and a hardtop Infiniti G37S 'vert. is rumored. New coupes are all over the marketplace. Has Lexus just mothballed the whole project and just decided to leave it with a 4-door M3 fighter (IS-F), M5 fighter (GS F-series sedan) and the LF-A supercar?

Some of us looking for a very sporting (400-ish hp) Japanese option in a 'vert. would like something available for less than a "supercar" price (LF-A is a coupe, and even then, some mags have put it at $200k). A hardtop 'vert. spinoff of the IS-F would be wonderful, but do I have any hope here, guys in the know? If so, any idea of ETA? '09-'10?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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