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This was done on my friend Phil's IS F. I've driven this car and heard the exhaust from outside. This is how the IS F should have came from the factory. The exhaust tone is not annoying, it's very pronounced, throaty and does not sound like a muscle car V8!!! As you can see, the gains on this exhaust are pretty impressive.

Thanks to the folks of Performance Tube Systems & Joe Z here in SoCal..!!
I am finally happy to share some pictures, videos & dyno's of my IS-F.

The PTS Full True Dual Exhaust sounds simply amazing.
It's a 2.5" true 304 Stainless Steel mandrel bent system.
It will come with an integrated X-pipe and many other quality specs. Including Fully TIG welded.
It is similar to their current design for the IS350, offered via
However, it has quite a few changes to accommodate our V8 engine & 8-speed transmission.

This secondary cat less system has measured gains of approximately 22 rwhp and 18 ft lbs of torque.
The independent Dynos were done in 5th & 6th gear...
The 6th gear run will be used to display the most accurate results. This represents the closest 1:1 gear ratio. However, the graph is a bit choppy due to the noise interference through the dyno, from the car reaching top speed of 170 mph!!
My car was Dynod with the stock intake during the exhaust testing.

* Exhaust Weight Facts *

OEM Exhaust System (2 sections)
Front-Mid section = 33 lbs
Rear Axle section = 37 lbs
Total = 70 lbs

PTS - 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust (4 sections)
Front X-pipe = 16 lbs
Mid section = 19 lbs
Rear axle sections = 29 lbs
Total = 64 lbs

I only have a few pictures of the exhaust at this time. Better ones will be out soon I'm sure.
But we did take plenty of video during the Dyno & also some really nice driving videos..

Videos (click on below thumbnails to see)

..............Front X-Pipe...............................................................&..........................Mid Pipe Sections.........

Rear Axle Sections

Inside the OEM Exhaust Collector from behind the rear bumper.


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The intake pipe setup.

The Joe Z Intake Pipe design has been around since 2002 and is currently available for the IS300, IS250 & IS350.
Which all use a 3" pipe constructed of 6061-T4 Aluminum.

This version for the IS-F uses the same material however, it is constructed with a 3.5" aluminum pipe.

The independently dynod intake had approximate gains of 5 rwhp, per the results. Not much, but I am not looking for anything too loud with the intake. Plus our Dual Stage Intake design is not something I want to remove or mess with.

Joe had this first one made Anodized Blue just for me.
It just so happened to match my Ultrasonic Blue pretty good.
The sleeves in the pics were just temporary. He got me black ones now.
My car was Dynod with stock exhaust during the Joe Z Intake testing.

Enjoy the pics:

OEM Intake

Joe Z Intake

Joe Z Intake Pipe close up


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finally some R&D for the IS-F. What are these guys credentials though and what is their history with the aftermarket?
JoeZ has been doing intakes for the IS community for quite some time now. he's well known on both aka my.IS and Club Lexus. His products are carried exclusively by Carson Toyota/Lexus Parts aka a long time supporter of the Lexus community. A lot of us veterans that migrated here including myself timers on CL and my.IS can vouch for him.

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Correct. This was the first one made for the IS F. Production and availability to come.

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Borla makes great products, but some of their exhausts tend to carry more exhaust drone at highway speeds. It can get pretty old quickly. This PTS/Joe Z exhaust sounds amazing in person. I've driven the test car at various speeds and conditions and let me tell you, this is how the IS F should have came from the factory.
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