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coming from high performance caddy, to isf

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I am about to make the switch from an sts-v that I had helped develop many of the performance parts for and am curious what is available for the is-f as far as this goes. what Im looking for information on,

-tuning= very Important when you start modding any car and to really get all the performance out of it I would like to know what Is available for this.
-headers= I have seen a few options available and am slightly curious as to how ppl are running them without tuning to be honest, any insight on this would be great as well.
-FORCED INDUCTION= I know I will miss my supercharger, so that will be a plan for after the car is paid off. curious if anyone else is running forced induction on theirs and what gains are to be had.

thanks yall!!
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--There is no tuning for the IS-F, or any Toyota, because the ECU has never been, and probably will not be, cracked.

--Look at PPE headers, they are probably the best.

--No forced induction (several companies have tried and failed) due to no tuning for the ECU.

With headers (PPE or Sikky) and a full exhaust (Joe Z or Borla) most people are getting about 385-395whp. Keep the stock intake because most just make noise or lose power for the car.
I prefer to read this kind of nice stuff. The quality of content is fine and the conclusion is good. Thanks for the post.
Did not know that the ECU of the toyota cannot be cracked. Is that why it is replaced?
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