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Cold engine doesn't shift fast

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The interstate entrance is close to my house, and I noticed soon after I bought my 2011 ISF that I was missing shifts when I pegged it to merge on the highway fresh out of the garage. But then I noticed the shifting was lightning fast as soon as the oil warmed up. Anyone else experiencing slow shifts with cold oil, or do I have a unique issue?
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This is why people are scared to buy cars like this that are used..... The reason you didn't get any replies is beacuse this is a dumb thread and even though it's a year old I wanted to go out of my way to point that out.

Here's a little tid bit of information for you and anyone else who is having "this" issue.

The oil should heat up first as it's in direct contact with some of the heat producing parts of the engine like the bearings and especially the walls of the cylinders. If the temp gauge for the water shows normal temps then the oil should be warm as well.

But, the reason for waiting for the engine to warm up is based more on the effects of the warm water than the oil. A warmed-up engine allows the fuel injection to operate correctly without the choke circuitry so if you gun the engine with the choke on you're burning a gas enriched mixture which wastes fuel, fouls plugs and increases emissions.

Bottom line it's not just the transmission you should be worried about... Let your car warm up before you beat on it, and have a wonderful weekend!
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