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Idk I think that the price on the lf-a is ridiculous six figures for a car that can't even shatter records why does lexus even call this a ferrari competitor when it should be focusing on beating the likes of the zr1 gtr and the upcoming rebirth of the acura nsx and at the same time bring down the price to a more realistic 100k for the lf-a and make the lf-1 and competitor to the v-spec and price it for 30k more

And another thing no offence to all the die hard lexus and toyota fans but I think there hole market has been so we'll let me put it like this (PUSSY) think about it
Nissan.2008 gtr
Nissan.2010 gtr vspec
Nissan.2010 240sx succesor
Acura.2010 nsx
Mitsubishi.evo x. Lancer turbo ralliart. Sports back
Hyundai a hyundai genesis coupe rwd turbo closing in at 300hp
Mazda. Speed .3 .6.
Subaru. Wrx sti
I know bmw is german but come on their doing it big with the twin turbo straight six.
Come on people shit even korea smells the cofe and toyota is still wearing the same old granny panties its time to pull out the blue prints trow the fths concept in the garbage and think big think supra everybodys begging for it. Show em how its done. And leave the hybrids to the american companys like gm shit they even have a turbo cobalt know
We Live life on the fast lane so if you can't keep up pull over. DpC.ent.
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