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Chicago, taking delivery first week March

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I'm new to the forum and live in the Chicago area so hey!! Have been #1 on local Nissan dealer GT-R wait list for the past 6 months and have finally given up due to continued mis-information and unbelievable price gouging. Typically $ 10K - 30K "market adjustments" SCREW THAT. Had also been interested in the IS-F but when I saw it at the recent Chicago Auto Show WOW!!! got REALLY interested. Came home and immediately started reading every article I could find (which is how I found you all). So yesterday I visited my local dealer to check availability and to my surprise they had (2) that had arrive at port and will be delivered to the dealer first week of March. (1) Black & (1) Smokey Granite both with Mark Levinson, Nav., and moon roof options. I will now be the PROUD OWNER of the Smokey Granite within the next two weeks!!! How easy was that!!!!! I feel kind of guilty because I know many of you have been on waiting lists and believe me I know what that's like!! From the dealers comments I don't believe to many people in my neck of the woods are even aware of the car as they had received only a few mild inquiries so far. Anyway glad to be on board and looking forward to this LONG Chicago winter coming to end. Have some roads to burn up!!!
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Congrats man, I'm pretty much in the same boat as you were, although I think I'll hold out a little longer to see if there is any way/chance I end up with a GTR, but if not, I'll be perfectly happy with an ISF. Damn I wish I could have both! Maybe we can trade in the wife's 325 for an ISF ;)
yeah, as for the GT-R I was told last week by the dealer G.M. (also a personal friend so I trust what he is telling me) that the mid-west will not see any GT-Rs until JAN 09'!!! and only colors will be black, red, and silver blah blah blah! One thing for sure is I WILL NOT pay over MSRP for ANY car! Regardless of the limited production it's still a depreciating asset and paying over only makes it worse. Anyway enough with my rant, really looking forward to the IS-R, first track days and eating some BMW butts!! Cheers!!
There are over 225 dealers in the country and if you have a day to sit and call you can see where you can be on the list. My suggestion unless need be is not be color specific on the outside. That way on the bigger dealers list you can move closer to the top. Almost all the dealers will be fair and tell you where you are on the list. Lexus is very strict on taking care of customers.
I think there is a misunderstanding with my last post. I will be taking delivery on my IS-F in TWO WEEKS!!! Walked into dealer last week to inquire about the car and they had two coming and both were available (one black and one Smoky Granite which is what I bought). I was referring to the Nissan GT-R, I have been on a wait list for 6 months now with no end in sight. Finally gave up but maybe for the best because in the end I believe the IS-F we be a better all around car with Lexus quality & service to back it up!! Nissan dealers are acting like a bunch of WHORES over the GT-R and level of service for such high end car will also be lacking.
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