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Hey guys.

-Just picked up a Charcoal 08 to replace my S4 DD. I came very close to picking up an M5 but was ultimately convinced that the ISF is a better option for reliability reasons.

Super stoked!


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Welcome and I am sure you will enjoy the IS-F. The M5 was a choice of mine as well but I am very glad I got the IS-F. I came from an IS-350 so the quality was already assured.
Welcome to the forum. You made a great choice.

I looked at an 2005 M5 when I was buying. I wasn't really impressed with it. I didn't think it was very refined. I was also worried about the reliability of it, but it is a great car. Obviously I chose the F and have no regrets.
Congrats and welcome. I was looking at a E92 M3, but I'm glad I got the F because so far it has been bulletproof.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Cheers guys!

The more time passes since I chose the ISF, the more I feel like I made the right decision.. It was like I was trying to convince myself that the M5 would be reliable, but simply couldn't. There were too many stories of random issues that would shut the car down: Clutches, SMG in general, seals on the SMG, steering angle sensor in the column, Diff's not liking to be flogged, etc. And on top of that the stories of warranty denials..

Just too many to sleep at night mid road trip..

Nate (happy)
Welcome....and great color choice :)
You won't be disappointed with the F. I just passed 30k miles on mine and I love it more every day. Great color choice by the way.
Cheers Guys. A week into ownership and loving it!
Surely it's 10 posts..
And.. we're there!
Surely it's 10 posts..
Yeah, 10. You feel like the coach getting fined by the umpire. Go ahead, make it 50 you bugger!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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