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Check Your Nuts

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just an alert to check your wheel lugnut torque ,, mine came loose on my right rear tire, and nearly lost it. it eathier the dealership service dept or the factory dint tq them right!!!
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What is the proper torque in ft/lbs for the lugnuts?
I'd be extremely surprised if that was a factory mistake. Have you had your car serviced at the dealer yet (1k mi svc?) ?? I'd definitely have a word with them if so.

Glad you and your car are fine, though.
I'm not sure what the torque specs are on the IS-F wheels, but I'm sure it's not as much as some tech's would like to "tighten" them too !!
Andy, since the question has been breeched, would you

please be so kind as to find out what the proper torque is so that we can check our IS-F's out? I'm sure you'd agree that we're all are better off having them at the right torque then to loose or to tight.

Thanks in advance!!! :)
Ok, I asked my Assistant Sevice Manager to make sure I got the right info. He is one of the only guys in the Service Department that follows my rules: If you don't know the answer, don't lie, and go find out !!!

76 Ft Lbs is what is recommended !!
76 Ft Lbs, perfect! Thanks Andy, really do appreciate

your finding that out for all of us ! Will check mine tonight......
My pleasure !! Want to make sure everyone's safe !!!
Thanks to Andy's info, I was able to check my >

wheel nuts last night. All but two nuts, which both happened to be on the L rear wheel, were perfect. The two that were not set right were just a few pounds below spec. Now all click at 76 Ft #'s. :) Thanks again Andy for the great info.
Anything I can do to help !!! I want to hear people enjoying the IS-F's, not wrecking them !!

Anytime anyone needs anything, just let me know !!!
Wheel Torque is 76 ft. *lbf

Per the 2007 Factory Repair Manual for the IS 250/350 the torque is 76 lbs.


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