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Check VSC

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Hi All,

I let my battery go flat, leaving the lights and ipod on for 30 mins. After a jump start the disply shows Check VSC, also the traction light remains on.

Is this likely to reset itself, or is it another expensive dealer visit?
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Check Engine Light's will clear themselves over time if they aren't serious. If it's still there after several startups and maybe 50? miles then you should scan the code.

I had an issue with my iPod kit that was causing startup issues. At one point one morning it cause the CEL/VSC lights to show but I wouldn't be home until late that night. On the drive home that evening the CEL cleared itself.

So if it's bad it'll linger. If it was a one-off, it'll clear itself.
Thanks Anxiouz,

I will probably do 120 miles tomorrow, so fingers crossed.
Must Have Been a One Off

Error has disappeared and not been back on for a week now (phew)

Also had an issue with the right front indicator not working. A friend (and mechanic) re-seated the bulb and it's been fine since, but I was surprised that no warning came up on the dash.

Does the IS-F not warn you of bulb failures?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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