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Cedar Beach, PA Lexus Meet Aug 21st

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Hi ISF Members,

There is a meet for Lexus on August 21st, was wondering if a few of the ISF from the northeast would like to join us. The list is at the bottom and the caravan spot is below. So far we have 4-5 ISF coming, I would like that number to be more. This meet was started by TJ and Ty from CL.

Here is the original link
Click Here

NJ Caravan Meet Spot 10am roll out 1030am sharp. 2245 Springfield Ave., Vauxhall, NJ 07088. We will be meeting in the Whole Foods Parking lot. Ive posted up a map of the area we will be meeting. Since we are meeting early the lot should be pretty much empty and easy to spot everybody. When its time to roll out Rt78 is right there which will take us all the way to the Meet.

**Great news guys, Ty was able to raise $300 so far for a local charity. I will be donating the proceeds to

This was my original plan when starting this meet and I hope that everyone joining will be able to kick in 15-20bucks to help towards this movement. If all goes well, we will have this thing every few months and we can watch it grow..** This is from Ty

Headcount as of 8/2/11

1. Tjmhillz
2. MDRracer(cl member)
3. tdaniels8 (cl member)
4. Breadbeat (cl member)
5. Jason4444( member)
6. Felty52( member)
7. dmackzzz( member)
8. Twitched1 ( member)
9. Phatjay(cl member)
10. Imnutz4jdm(cl member)
11. Trukn1 (CL member/mod) maybe
12. Diablofire03( member)
13. VtotheJ(cl member)
14. Gearbanging (cl member)
15. Sexilexi2001( member)
16.Reem (cl member)
17. Yogu(cl member) Maybe
18. aznbboyt3k ( member)
19. Derrick42(isf member)
20. Gray Rider (isf member) Maybe
21. Nick 95 6sp(supra forum member)
22. Mikefate(cl member)
23. Kraven9( member) Maybe
24. Ydavevr4 ( member)
25. WarrenLex (cl member)
26. Mr 2jz-Ge (tristate tuners member)
27. lllllllll (cl member) Maybe
28. JayDR6 (cl member)
29. InvisibleMonkey(supra forum member)
30.JDMuscle (cl member)
31. Redline86 (tristate tuners member)
32.empera (tristate tuners member)
33.BrandonW (tristate tuners member)
34. Flintstoneskid (supra forum member) Maybe
35. Supracrew87 (supra forum member)
36. ArtBarn (supra forum member)
37. I got the beatup Gs300(supra forum member)
38. Tom2jz( member)
39. Mrmark (cl member)
40. Club300 ( member)
41. Tristate Vip (supra forum member)
42. Evil Teo (cl member)
43. Hockyplyer18( tristate tuners member)
44. BernieIS (cl member)
45. Juangado (cl member)
46. Greddy44 (cl member)
47. my02is (myis memeber)
48. Anthony (club300's Friend -ISowner)
49. Juan (club300's Friend -ISowner)
50. Loius (club300's Friend -ISowner)
51. Edward (club300's Friend -ISowner)
52. SupraMan1784 ( member)
53. [email protected] (tst member)
54. C-Roy (tst member)
55. Mike33101( member)
56. Aldo03 (tst member)
57. DHRP (cl member)
58. SupraShawn (supra forum member) Maybe
59. Killslow4 ( member)
60. Breadbeat(cl member)
61. Greddy44 (cl member)
62. MDSC (cl member)
63. SmokyStealthBomber (F Forum) Maybe
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Count me in as a maybe. I'm in Southern New Jersey, so that caravan meet point in NJ is a bit of a back track for me.
bump, we now have 63 cars well 62 now since VJ can't make it with his F.
so far only 4 F are goin.
bump for Sunday! Come east coast!
I was all set to go, but the weather forecast and the fact that it began raining at 9:30am caused me to stay at home. I look forward to another one of these in the northeast when the weather is more cooperative.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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