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CEC Partners with Lexus on LFA Tuning Program

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Undeniably those that are able to afford the limited quantity Lexus LFA, probably have some expendable income to customize their Japanese supercar. Lexus North America has been making a strong push in marketing the LFA to the affluent and now they have teamed up with one of the most prestigious tuners in America, CEC, in order to launch tuning packages for the supercar.

Through the partnership, CEC will build three Tuner Edition LFAs with hopes of becoming "the most expensive and rarest of all the LFA supercars that Lexus will manufacturer and sell worldwide," according to Sherif Yassa, Vice President of CEC.

The focus of the tuning packages will mainly be on the aesthetic, which is a safe bet given how finely tuned the LFA's powerplant is. That being said, CEC did announce that they eked out an extra 10-hp from the powerplant, we're assuming through an intake or exhaust of some sort.

There are no images of the package available yet, but to get a better look at CEC's light weight forged wheels on the LFA, hit the link below.

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