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Carbotech Brake Pads

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Anyone useing them? They have 5 or 6 different compounds that are ceramic/ kevlar combo.
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Yes I'm using Carbotech pads, I have XP10 for the track days and like them very much. I also have the street compound (bobcats) for everyday driving, not as good brake feel as the stock pads, BUT almost no brake dust!! The XP10 pad are great on the track and tried to leave them on for street, not cool pulling up to stop light and sounding like a fright train stopping. They squeak bad as daily driving, but are great on the track. If you're going to track your F, change you're brake fluid to high temp. the stock fluid can't take the heat!
Thanks Toofire, It seems there is not much activity on this site ,so I thank you for giving me your opinion.
What are the downside of the bobcats , Initial bite or overall feel?
thanks for the feedback on XP10.
Ordered mine yesterday ,F&R , $312 with shipping!
What are the downside of the bobcats , Initial bite or overall feel?

Yes the bobcats have noticeable less initial bite, but if you get on them hard they'll bite. I'm thinking about getting something more aggressive from carbotect for the street when these are gone.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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