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I received this PM from a member of the Lotus Forum:

XSML RKT said:

Smoky has told me about how you brought COJ's activities and Lexus and Lambo forums to light.

I've also uncovered further similar activities on other forums. In light of that evidence, I've decided that I'm not likely to get my parts or a refund. So I've decided that enough is enough.

I'm investigating my legal options against COJ, and wonder if you could be of assistance. If you are member at Lexus or other forums where COJ's operating, and you know of members who have been, shall we say, mistreated by COJ, I'd ask that you forward my contact information to such individuals. I'm trying to assemble a list of such individuals, as well as their losses.

My contact info is:

Robert R. Sachs
Fenwick & West LLP
[email protected]
415 875 2410.

I know a number of you folks took my recommendation and sent money and/or parts and ordered from him. He is still up to his old tricks and has screwed folks out of money and parts at the Lotus Forum and is also trying to ply his trade on the Lamborghini forum. IMHO, he is a blight on the automotive community and I commend Mr. Sachs for his action. If any of you were screwed please follow the instructions above.

Bt the way COJ stands for CarbonOneJohn, the forum name he is using on the Lotus Forum.

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