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Carbon one's work :)

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I still have to send him my rear center piece to get that wrapped but other than that...enjoy...

p.s. my car needs a nice wash and interior detail :eek:

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Yea! These pics. really don't do it justice! Really an awesome job!
I think the car should've came in black in the first place. The silver really bothered me at first, but I guess I'm used to it now.
Sick, I need to get that done too
He did my Challengers interior. Took almost six months for this guy to come through. I ended up going to LXFest in LA without an interior. Waited all this time and the interior still turned out like crap.

Please don't bash for it being my first post. YOu guys can do all the business you like with him, just letting you know it wasn't all that great of an experience for me.

This guy is out of Chicago area, right?
I like the detail of the edge on the factory panels something really cool about how toyota included that detail...could he not replicate that or you may have just not wanted it.
really nice job
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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